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/-ashkina'/ final

fill h/ or it (animate)
aabitooshkina' vta fill h/ half full (with solids)
baapaagashkina' vta pack it (animate) hard
debashkina' vta fit h/ , it (animate) in, have enough room for h/, it (animate)
gagaandashkina' vta force h/ to eat more
naawashkina' vta fill h/ up partly (with solids)
noonashkina' vta don't have enough room for h/ in something
onashkina' vta pack, load h/ (e.g., a pipe)
onzaamashkina' vta overfill h/ (with solids)
zagakashkina' vta pack h/ away neatly
ziigashkina' vta fill h/ to overflowing (with solids)