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/-ashk-/ medial

plant, grass, fiber, stalk; barrel (of a gun)
apiitashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a stalk so high, is so high
babiikwashkoozo vai it (a net) knots up
bashkwashkibidoon vti2 pluck it (as a plant); weed it
bengwashkaasin vii it (stalk, plant) dries in the wind
bengwashkisin vii it (stalk, plant) dries, dries up, gets dry
dabasashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a low stalk, is low
dakwashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a short stalk, is short
gidashkibide vii it is threshed and winnowed in a machine
ginwashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a long stalk, is long, is tall
ishpashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a high stalk, is high
nibiiwashkaa vii there is wet grass; there are wet stalks, wet plants; it (stalk, plant) is wet