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bashkwashkibidoon vti2

pluck it (as a plant); weed it

imbashkwashkibidoon 1s - 0s ind; nimbashkwashkibidoon 1s - 0s ind; nibashkwashkibidoon 1s - 0s ind; obashkwashkibidoon 3s - 0s ind; bashkwashkibidood 3s - 0 conj; beshkwashkibidood 3s - 0 part; bashkwashkibidoon 2s - 0 imp; Stem: /bashkwashkibid-/

bashkwashkibidoon /bashkwashkibid-/: /bashkw-/
cleared off, miss, fall short, fade
; /-ashk-/
plant, grass, fiber, stalk; barrel or bore (of a gun)
; /-bid/
pull it, use the hands on it