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/ap-/ initial

onto or against something
apabi vai s/he sits on something
apagamo vai s/he sings about something
apa'idiwag vai they run to a certain place together
apam vta eat something with h/
apandan vti eat something with it
apaabowe vai s/he flavors, seasons soup
apaabowen vai + o s/he flavors (it); s/he seasons (it)
apenimo vai s/he depends on, relies on something
apenimon vai + o s/he depends on (it); s/he relies on (it)
apibii'an vti write on it
apigaabawi vai s/he stands on something
apigaabawin vai + o stand on it
apigwaadan vti sew it on over something: applique it, sew it on as a facing or lining
apigwaade vii it is sewn onto something
apigwaazh vta sew it (animate) on over something: applique it (animate), sew it (animate) on as a facing or lining
apigwaazo vai s/he is sewn onto something
apikweshimo vai s/he lies with head on something, uses a pillow
apikweshimon vai + o lie with your head on it
apinikaazon vai + o be named after it or h/
apisidoon vti2 pad, cushion it
apisin vii it lies as padding
apishim vta pad, cushion h/
apishimo vai s/he lies on something
apishin vai s/he lies as padding
apizideshimo vai s/he puts h/ foot or feet on something, cushions h/ foot or feet
apizideshin vai s/he puts h/ feet on something