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/-akizo/ final

it (animate) stands (as a tree or structure), is set up
not of humans or animals
ajidakizo vai s/he is stuck in upside down
apiitakizo vai it (animate) stands so tall
dabasakizo vai s/he (not a person) stands low
gikinawaadakizo vai it (animate) stands as a marker
mashkawakizo vai iit (animate) is stuck firmly into the ground
mayaawakizo vai it (animate) stands upright
minwakizo vai it (animate) stands upright, stands well
mizhishawakizo vai it is set up, stands out in the open
namadakizo vai it (animate) is upright, stands upright
nawekizo vai it (animate) stands bent over
niibidekizowag vai they stand, are planted side by side in a row
okwakizowag vai they (trees) stand in a cluster
waawiyekizowag vai they stand in a circle