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/-agoode/ final

it hangs
ajidagoode vii it hangs upside down
anibegoode vii it hangs crooked (at a slant)
animikiiwaanakwagoode vii there are dark thunder clouds in the sky
apiitagoode vii it hangs so high
apiitagoojin vai it (animate) hangs so high; the moon is in a certain position (so it is a certain time of the month)
babiikwaanakwad vii there are cumulus clouds
bakidagoode vii it hangs across the top of something
baakagoode vii it hangs wide open
bimidagoode vii it hangs crosswise
biidaanakwagoode vii clouds in the sky come here
dabasagoode vii it hangs low
dakamaanakwagoode vii there is a row of clouds extended across
daashkaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) splits
gashkiiwaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
gibagoode vii it hangs covering or blocking
gijigaanakwagoode vii there are jagged rippled clouds
gimiwanaanakwagoode vii there is a rain cloud in the sky
giishkaanakwagoode vii it is a cloud bank
inagoode vii it hangs a certain way, falls a certain way
inaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) goes there; there are such clouds in the sky
ishkwegoode vii it hangs at the end
ishpagoode vii it hangs high
makadewaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
mazinaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) forms an image
maanagoode vii it hangs awkwardly
namadagoode vii it hangs right side up
napaadagoode vii it hangs the wrong way
niibidegoodewan vii they hang in a row
niigaanagoode vii it hangs in front
niimagoojin vai s/he is hanging out
ombagoode vii it hangs up in the air, is suspended
onagoode vii it hangs in place
ondagoode vii it falls, hangs from a certain place
ozaawaanakwagoode vii it (cloud) is yellowish in the sky
waasagoode vii it hangs shining