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/-aad/ final

act on it
added to a base vai stem ending in o or oo which appears as w
animibatwaadan vti run away (in the other direction) with it
babaamibatwaadan vti run about, run around with it
bimibatwaadan vti run along with it
biindigebatwaadan vti run in with it
biindigebatwaadan vti run inside with it
giiwebatwaadan vti run home with it
mawinzwaadan vti pick it (fruit or berries)
nametwaadan vti leave signs of it
niisaakiiwedaabaadan vti drag it downhill
odaminwaadan vti play with it (as a toy)
onjibatwaadan vti run from a certain place with it
zaagizibatwaadan vti run out with it
zikwaadan vti spit on it