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/-aabid-/ medial

body part
aandaabide vai s/he gets h/ permanent teeth
babiiwaabide vai s/he has tiny teeth
bashkaabide vai s/he has a gap or gaps between h/ teeth, has widely spaced teeth
baagaabide vai s/he is swollen at a tooth
binaabide vai h/ tooth falls out, teeth fall out; s/he loses a tooth or teeth
biinaabide vai s/he has clean teeth; h/ teeth are clean
bookwaabide vai s/he has a broken tooth or had broken teeth, breaks h/ tooth or teeth
dadawaabide vai s/he has missing teeth
dawaabide vai s/he has a missing tooth or has missing teeth, has a gap in h/ teeth
dewaabide vai s/he has a toothache
gagaanwaabide vai s/he has long teeth
gagaanwaakwaabide vai s/he has long teeth
gagaashaabide vai [BL] s/he has sharp teeth
gaashaabide vai [BL] s/he has a sharp tooth or sharp teeth
giinaabide vai s/he has a sharp tooth or sharp teeth
giizhaabide vai s/he has a full set of baby teeth
inaabide vai s/he has such a tooth or teeth, has a tooth or teeth in a certain condition
inigokwaabide vai s/he has teeth of such a size
mamaanaabide vai s/he has crooked teeth
mamaangaabide vai s/he has big teeth
mangaabide vai s/he has a big tooth, has big teeth
mazhiiyaabide vai s/he is toothless
maanaabide vai s/he has crooked teeth
maazhimaagwaabide vai s/he has smelly rotten teeth
miniiwaabide vai s/he has an abscessed tooth
minwaabide vai s/he has good teeth
mooshkineyaabide vai she has a full set of teeth, gets h/ wisdom teeth completing h/ set of teeth
nabagaabide vai s/he has flat teeth
waabijiiyaabide vai s/he has discolored or yellowed teeth
waabishkaabide vai s/he has a white tooth or white teeth
wiinaabide vai s/he has a dirty tooth, has dirty teeth
zagwaabide vai s/he has tightly spaced teeth, has no missing teeth
zaagaabide vai s/he teethes, grows teeth