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manoomin ni wild rice

northern wild rice
Zizania palustris

(verb of abundance) manoominikaa vii there is (a lot of) wild rice (verb of making) manoominike vai s/he rices, goes ricing, makes rice, picks rice, harvests wild rice
(derived noun) manoominikewin ni ricing, harvesting wild rice (derived noun) manoominikaan ni finished wild rice
anishinaabe-manoomin ni wild rice

ashki-manoomin ni raw wild rice: harvested wild rice not yet parched / roasted

bebezhigooganzhii-manoomin ni oats

bikwaakwado-manoomin ni chubby short-grained wild rice

biisaawangi-manoomin ni fine wild rice, broken wild rice

See also: biisi-manoomin ni

biisi-manoomin ni fine wild rice, broken wild rice

See also: biisaawangi-manoomin ni

dakwaakojii-manoomin vii short-grained wild rice

ginwaakojii-manoomin ni long-grained wild rice

giizhide-manoomin ni cooked wild rice

makade-manoomin ni black wild rice

makadewaako-manoomin ni black wild rice

oshki-manoomin ni freshly harvested wild rice

ozhaawashko-manoomin ni green wild rice

waabi-manoomin ni white rice

zaaga'iganii-manoomin ni lake rice: wild rice from a lake

ziibii-manoomin ni river rice: wild rice from a river