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ozigosan nad es

h/ aunt (cross-aunt: father's sister)

Someone's father's sister and their mother's sister are both called aunt in English but in Anishinaabemowin they are called by different words. The father's sister is a cross-aunt. There is no simple independent word for this relative. A personal prefix goes with a dependent noun stem /=zigos-/ aunt (cross-aunt: father's sister) to make a full word:
  • nizigos, inzigos, nzigos my aunt (cross-aunt) (1s-3s)
  • gizigos your aunt (cross-aunt) (2s-3s)
  • ozigosan h/ aunt (cross-aunt)
    • [MN] ozigosan h/ aunt (cross-aunt) / aunts (cross-aunts) (3s-3')
    • [BL] ozigosan h/ aunt (cross-aunt) (3s-3's)
    • [BL] ozigosa' h/ aunts (cross-aunts) (3s-3'p)
Some basic forms of ozigosan h/ aunt (cross-aunt) are:

ozigosan obv; ozigosan obv sg; ozigosa' obv pl; Stem: /=zigos-/

ozigosan obv es

ozigosan obv sg nj

ozigosa' obv pl nj