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ozhaashaabikishin vai

s/he slips and falls on rocks

indoozhaashaabikishin 1s ind; ozhaashaabikishin 3s ind; ozhaashaabikishing 3s conj; wezhaashaabikishing 3s ch-conj; Stem: /ozhaashaabikishin-/

Gego imaa izhi-gabaaken. Nibiiwaabikaa. Giga-ozhaashaabikishin.

Don't get off (the boat) there. The rocks are wet. You might slip and fall.

ozhaashaabikishin /ozhaashaabikishin-/: /ozhaash-/
slippery, slick
; /-aabik-/
mineral (inorganic solid: rock or metal)
; /-shin/
s/he falls, lies, treads, contacts, hits on something