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niningwanis nad es

my nephew (cross-nephew: a male's sister's son or a female's brother's son)

A sibling's son is called nephew in English but in Anishinaabemowin there are two different terms depending on the relative gender of the siblings. If their gender is different, then the son is a cross-nephew, a male's sister's son or a female's brother's son. There is no simple independent word for this relative. A personal prefix goes with the dependent noun stem /=ningwanis-/ nephew (cross-nephew) to make a full word:
  • niningwanis my nephew (cross-nephew) (1s-3s)
  • giningwanis your nephew (cross-nephew) (2s-3s)
  • oningwanisan h/ nephew (cross-nephew)
    • [MN] oningwanisan h/ nephew (cross-nephew) / nephews (cross-nephews) (3s-3')
    • [BL] oningwanisan h/ nephew (cross-nephew) (3s-3's)
    • [BL] oningwanisa’ h/ nephews (cross-nephews) (3s-3'p)
Some basic forms of niningwanis my nephew (cross-nephew) are:

niningwanis 1s - 3s pos; niningwanisag 1s - 3p pos; Stem: /=ningwanis-/

niningwanis1s - 3s pos es

niningwanisag1s - 3p pos es