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jiishada'ige vai

s/he sweeps

injiishada'ige 1s ind; ninjiishada'ige 1s ind; nijiishada'ige 1s ind; jiishada'ige 3s ind; jiishada'iged 3s conj; jaashada'iged 3s ch-conj; Stem: /jiishada'ige-/

Debinaak igo ningii-chiishada'ige.

I just swept up any old way.

Wiikwaasinjigan aabajitoon wii-chiishada'igeyan. Wiikwaasinoon gaa-biiwisingin michisag.

Use a vacuum cleaner when you want to sweep up something. Stuff scattered on the floor is sucked up.

jiishada'ige /jiishada'ige-/: /jiishada'-/ stem of jiishada'an vti ; /-ge/
s/he acts (on an unspecified object)