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gawiboojige vai

s/he saws (things) down

nigawiboojige 1s ind; gawiboojige 3s ind; gawiboojiged 3s conj; gewiboojiged 3s ch-conj; Stem: /gawiboojige-/

Giga-zanagizimin ji-gawiboojigeying noongom; onzaam mashkawaanimad.

We're going to have a tough time cutting down trees today because the wind is too strong.

Aaniin ezhiwebinang ogiishkiboojigan gii-gawiboojiged. Odanibenaan ina.

How doe she handle her saw when she's taking a tree down? Does she tilt it sideways?

gawiboojige /gawiboojige-/: /gawibood-/ stem of gawiboodoon vti2 ; /-ge/
s/he acts (on an unspecified object)