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baaginiishkwe vai es

s/he has his gland (lymph node) or glands swell up, has a swollen gland (lymph node) or glands

imbaaginiishkwe 1s ind; nimbaaginiishkwe 1s ind; nibaaginiishkwe 1s ind; baaginiishkwe 3s ind; baaginiishkwed 3s conj; bayaaginiishkwed 3s ch-conj; Stem: /baaginiishkwe-/

baaginiishkwe3s ind es

baaginiishkwe /baaginiishkwe-/: /baag-/
swollen, swell
; /-niishkw-/
lymph node, gland
; /-e/
Reduplicated Form: baabaaginiishkwe