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gaandakii'ige vai [S] s/he poles a boat

See also: gaandakii'o vai [BL]

gaapizan vti cook or roast it dry and crisp, parch it (wild rice)

(detransitive) gaapizige vai s/he cooks or roasts things dry and crisp, parches (wild rice)
(benefactive) gaapizigetamaw vta parch something for h/
(benefactive) gaapizamaw vta parch (it) for h/ (verb of use) gaapizigaagen vai + o use (it) to roast something (until dry and crisp), use (it) to parch wild rice (verb of undergoing) gaapizigaade vii it is cooked or roasted dry and crisp, parched (by someone) (derived noun) gaapizigan ni popped wild rice; {BL} parched or roasted wild rice (before winnowing)
gaapizigewabwiins ni [NI] a stirring paddle for wild rice parching

gaapizigewinaagan ni [NI] a wild rice parching tray or tub

gidasan vti roast it to remove something, parch it [wild rice]

(benefactive) gidasamaw vta parch (it) for h/ (detransitive) gidasige vai s/he roast things (to remove something), parches wild rice (verb of undergoing) gidasigaade vii it is roasted (to remove something), is parched [of wild rice] (derived noun) gidasigan ni parched wild rice