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/-zo/ final

adaawetamaazo vai s/he buys (it) for h/ self
agwaa'amaazo vai s/he dishes (it) up for h/ self
anokiitaazo vai s/he works for h/ self
doodaazo vai s/he does something to h/ self
ganawendamaazo vai s/he keeps (it) for h/ self
gaadamaazo vai s/he hides (something) from h/ self
gizhaagamizamaazo vai s/he heats (it) (a liquid) for h/ self
manisaazo vai s/he cuts firewood for h/ self
mikamaazo vai s/he finds (it) for h/ self
naadamaazo vai s/he goes after something for h/ self
nitamaazo vai s/he kills (something) for h/ self
ondinamaazo vai s/he gets, obtains (it) for h/ self from a certain place
ozhitamaazo vai s/he makes, builds, forms (it) for h/ self
wiidookaazo vai s/he helps