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/zhiib-/ initial

tough, durable, withstand, endure
zhiibaji vai s/he can withstand the cold, endures the cold
zhiiban vii it is tough, strong
zhiibanaamo vai s/he has strong respiration, is long-winded
zhiibanaandam vai2 s/he can go without eating, can endure being hungry
zhiibaabaso vai s/he can withstand the smoke
zhiibaabaagwe vai s/he endures thirst, doesn't get thirsty easily
zhiibaakwa' vta stretch it (animate) out on a fur stretcher
zhiibaapine vai s/he endures suffering, can withstand pain
zhiibendam vai2 s/he is strong-willed, has strength of mind
zhiibibii vai s/he doesn't get drunk easily
zhiibizi vai it (animate) is tough, is strong
zhiibiiga' vta stretch h/ (using something)
zhiibiiga'an vti stretch it (using something)
zhiibiigibidoon vti2 stretch it (by pulling)
zhiibiigibizh vta stretch h/ (by pulling)
zhiibiigishkaa vii it stretches (as something sheet-like)