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/-wiN/ final

carry, convey h/
win ,wizh
agwaawizh vta carry, take h/ ashore
akwaandawewizh vta climb up carrying h/ or it (animate), take or carry h/ or it (animate) upstairs
animiwizh vta take, carry h/ away (in the other direction)
azhewizh vta carry, take h/ back
aanjiwizh vta carry, take h/ to a different place
aazhogewizh vta carry, take h/ across
babaamiwizh vta take, carry, guide h/ about
bagamiwizh vta arrive carrying h/
bimiwizh vta carry, take h/ along
gakiiwewizh vta carry h/ or it (animate) across a portage
gashkiwizh vta be able to take, carry h/
giimoojiwizh vta secretly take, carry h/
giiwewizh vta take, carry h/ home
gopiwizh vta take, carry h/ inland
izhiwizh vta take, carry h/ to a certain place
jiigewewizh vta take, carry h/ along the shore or edge
madaabiiwizh vta take, carry h/ or it (animate) down to the shore
maajiiwizh vta carry, take h/ away
naazibiiwizh vta carry, take h/ down to the water
niigaaniwizh vta lead h/
niisaakiiwewizh vta take, carry h/ downhill
niisaandawewizh vta take h/ downstairs; climb down with h/
ogidaakiiwewizh vta carry, take h/ uphill
ombiwizh vta lift and carry h/
ondamiwizh vta keep h/ too long
onjiwizh vta take, carry h/ from a certain place