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/-webishkaw/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) forcefully by foot or body: fling, kick, stamp on, shove, wear roughly
anibewebishkaw vta lean it (animate) over, tilt it (animate) (shoving with foot or body)
animikowebishkaw vta kick h/ so s/he goes upside down, facedown
azhewebishkaw vta shove or kick h/ backwards
bakewebishkaw vta kick h/ off to the side, off the main path
bakobiiwebishkaw vta kick, shove h/ into the water (with foot or body)
bakwewebishkaw vta knock off a piece off h/ [with fast motion of body or foot]
baazhijiwebishkaw vta shove, kick h/, it (animate) over
biniwebishkaw vta knock h/ down from h/ position above (with force by body or foot)
bizogewebishkaw vta trip h/ (deliberately)
biindigewebishkaw vta shove h/ inside (with foot or body); kick h/ inside
biinjiwebishkaw vta kick h/ in, shove h/ in (with foot or body)
biinjwebishkaw vta kick h/ in, shove h/ in (with foot or body); shove h/ in (with foot or body)
daadowebishkaw vta split it (animate) open (forcefully by foot or body)
ditibiwebishkaw vta roll h/ with foot or body; peddle h/ [bicycle]
diitibiwebishkaw vta bump and knock h/ down off something
gabaawebishkaw vta kick, shove h/ or it (animate) off a vehicle or boat (with foot or body)
gawiwebishkaw vta knock h/ over, down (with foot or body); kick h/ over. down
gaajiwebishkaw vta shove or kick h/ (with foot or body) to hide h/ quickly
gaanjwebishkaw vta shove h/ (with foot or body)
gizhibaayaakowebishkaw vta spin h/ (stick-like) with feet
ikowebishkaw vta kick, shove h/ aside or out of the way (with the foot or body)
ishpiwebishkaw vta kick h/ high
izhiwebishkaw vta shove h/ a certain way (with foot or body); kick h/ a certain way
jaachaangiwebishkaw vta rock on h/ or it (animate)
mamaajiwebishkaw vta shake it (animate) up, make it (animate) shake (forcefully using the body or foot)
maagowebishkaw vta press down on h/ forcefully (with foot or body); kick start h/ (a motorcycle)
nagaawebishkaw vta stop h/ quickly (with foot or body); brake h/
naajiwebishkaw vta get h/ working with the feet, rake h/ over with the feet
ningwaagonewebishkaw vta bury h/ in the snow (forcefully with foot or body)
niisiwebishkaw vta kick h/ down, force h/ down with feet
onjiwebishkaw vta shove h/ from a certain place (with foot or body); kick h/ from a certain place
opimewebishkaw vta kick h/ over on h/ side
zhaabowebishkaw vta kick h/ through; shove h/ through (with foot or body)
zaagijiwebishkaw vta kick h/ out; shove h/ out (with foot or body)
zhiibaawebishkaw vta kick, shove h/ under something