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/-weba'w/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) using something forcefully: fling, knock, paddle, pry, shove, throw using something
agwaaweba' vta get h/ or it (animate) off the water using something forcefully, scoop h/ or it (animate) out of the water
azheweba' vta fling h/ back (using something)
aazhigijiweba' vta toss h/ upside down (using something forcefully)
bakwajiweba'wi vta knock or pry it (animate) off
bawiweba' vta knock h/ (using something forcefully)
baazhijiweba' vta knock, hit h/, it (animate) over something
biniweba' vta knock h/ down from above (using something); shoot h/ down from above
biindooneweba'wi vta knock h/ into the boat (using something),
biinjiweba'wi vta [BL] shove or knock h/ or it (animate) in (using something)
boozooneweba'wi vta knock h/ into the boat (using something),
ditibiweba' vta roll h/ using something forcefully
gaanjiweba'wi vta [BL] shove h/ (using something)
gaanjweba' vta [S] shove h/ (using something)
gwekiweba'wi vta [BL] flip it (animate) (using something forcefully); turn it (animate) around (using something forcefully)
ikoweba' vta shove h/ aside or out of the way (using something)
ishpiweba' vta knock h/ high (using something)
izhiweba' vta shove, knock h/ or it (animate) a certain way (using something)
jiishiweba' vta sweep h/ (forcefully), brush h/ off (forcefully using something)
mikoweba' vta find h/ using something forcefully (for example, by raking)
naajiweba' vta get h/ by knocking h/ with something
ombaabiigiweba'wi vta [NI] lift it (animate; thread) with a seam-ripper
ombiweba' vta lift h/, it (animate) (using something forcefully)
zaagijiweba' vta shove or throw h/ out using something
zhingadeweba' vta spread it (animate) out (forcefully using something)
zhiibaaweba' vta knock h/ under something