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/-shkoode/ final

 it is weighted down, under pressure
asabishkoode vii it is shot full of holes
bagoshkoode vii it has a hole (from weight or pressure)
bakishkoode vii it (string) breaks, snaps (from weight or pressure)
gibaakoshkoode vii it (log) fell and blocks the way
maakishkoode vii it is marred, is nicked, is dented
minjimishkoode vii it is pinned down, held in place (with weight)
nabagishkoode vii it is flattened (by weight or pressure)
nabagishkoozo vai s/he is flattened (by weight or pressure)
waagishkoode vii it bends (from weight or pressure)
wiisagishkoozo vai s/he hurts from crushing weight
zhawabishkoode vii it bends down, collapses from weight
zhishigoshkoode vii it is crushed by weight