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/-shkiinzhigw-/ medial

body part
babiiwishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has small eyes
baagishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has h/ eye or eyes swell up, has a swollen eye or swollen eyes
dewishkiinzhigwe vai h/ eye aches or eyes ache
gaagiijishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has sore eyes
gizhiibishkiinzhigwe vai h/ eye itches
izhishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has such an eye or eyes
mamakadewishkiinzhigwe vai
mamaangishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has big eyes
mangishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has a big eye or big eyes
miskoshkiinzhigwe vai s/he has a red eye or red eyes
ozaawaagamishkiinzhigwe vai s/he is brown-eyed
ozaawishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has brown or yellow eyes
ozhaawishkwaagamishkiinzhigwe vai [NI] s/he is blue-eyed
oziigishkiinzhigwe vai s/he is wrinkled at the eyes
wiinishkiinzhigwe vai s/he has dirty eyes