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/nisw-/ initial

niso- pv qnt three
nisodaabaan qnt num three cars, carloads
nisogon qnt num three days
nisogonagad vii it is three days
nisogonagizi vai it is the third (of a month); s/he is three days old
nisogonendi vai s/he is gone three days, is absent three days
nisonaagaans qnt num three cups, cupfuls
nisoninj qnt num three inches
nisosagoons qnt num three thousand
nisozid qnt num three feet
nisoobiwag vai three of them sit together; three of them are at home
nisoobizowag vai three of them speed, drive, fly together
nisoogaabawiwag vai three of them stand together
nisookik qnt num three pails, three pailfuls
nisoonag qnt num three boats or canoes, three boatloads
nisoonagiziwag vai there are three canoes or boats of them
nisoopidewan vii three of them (inanimate) are tied together
nisoopidoon vti2 tie three of them (inanimate) together
nisoopizowag vai three of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
nisooshinoog vai three of them lie together
nisooshkimod qnt num three bags
nisooshkin qnt num three bags
niswaginzo vai it is the third (of a month)
niswaabik qnt num three dollars
niswaabiig qnt num three strands, three strings
niswaak qnt num three hundred
niswaakodaabaan ni a travois
niswaatig qnt num three stick-like objects
nisweg qnt num three pieces of something sheet-like
niswewaan qnt num three sets, three pairs
niswi qnt num three