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/nishwaasw-/ initial

ishwaasoninj adv num eight inches
nishwaasogon adv num eight days
nishwaasogonagad vii it is eight days
nishwaasogonagizi vai it is the eighth (of the month); s/he is eight days old
nishwaasomidano adv num [RL] eighty
nishwaasoninj adv num eight inches
nishwaasosagoons adv num eight thousand
nishwaasozid adv num eight feet
nishwaasoobiwag vai eight of them sit together; eight of them are at home
nishwaasoogaabawiwag vai eight of them stand together
nishwaasookik adv num eight pails, eight pailfuls
nishwaasoonag adv num eight boats or canoes, eight boatloads
nishwaasoopidewan vii eight of them (inanimate) are tied together
nishwaasoopidoon vti2 tie eight of them (inanimate) together
nishwaasoopizh vta tie, hitch eight of them (animate) together
nishwaasoopizowag vai eight of them (animate) are tied together, are hitched together
nishwaasooshinoog vai eight of them lie together
nishwaasooshkimod adv num eight bags
nishwaasooshkin adv num eight bags
nishwaaswaginzo vai [BL] it is the eighth (of the month)
nishwaaswaabik adv num eight dollars
nishwaaswaak adv num eight hundred
nishwaasweg adv num eight pieces of something sheet-like
nishwaaswewaan adv num eight sets; eight pairs
nishwaaswi adv num eight