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/niminaawe-/ initial

out from shore
niminaawe'o vai s/he paddles out from shore
niminaawekawe vai s/he leaves tracks going out from shore (on the ice)
niminaawekii vii it grows out into the lake
niminaawekwazhiwe vai s/he paddles out from shore
niminaawenan vti launch it
niminaaweshimo vai s/he dances out into the arena
niminaaweshkaa vai s/he goes out into the lake or an open area
niminaaweshkiiga'am vai2 s/he walks out into a muskeg or swamp
niminaawewebinan vti launch it (by pushing)
niminaaweyaadagaa vai [MN] s/he swims out from shore
niminaaweyaadagaako vai s/he goes out from shore on the ice
niminaaweyaadagaazii vai s/he wades out from shore
niminaaweyaanimad vii the wind blows offshore
niminaaweyaasin vii it blows out into the lake, offshore
niminaaweyaashi vai s/he is blown down the lake, is blown offshore