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/niigaan-/ initial

ahead, leading, in front
niigaanabi vai s/he sits in front
niigaanagoode vii it hangs in front
niigaanagoodoon vti2 hang it in front
niigaanagoojin vai s/he hangs in front
niigaanagoozh vta hang h/ in front
niigaanibatoo vai s/he runs in the lead
niigaanibide vii it drives in the lead
niigaanidaabii vai s/he pulls a load at the front (of a sled)
niigaanidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives in the lead; s/he leads pulling h/ load at the front
niigaanigaabawi vai s/he stands in front
niigaanisidoon vti2 set it in front
niigaanisin vii it lies in front
niigaanishim vta set h/ in front
niigaanishimo vai s/he dances in the lead
niigaanishin vai s/he or it (animate) lies in front
niigaaniwizh vta lead h/
niigaanizi vai s/he is always first, is foremost, leads
niigaanii vai s/he leads, goes ahead