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/-ingwaamo/ final

s/he sleeps
baapingwaamo vai [BL] s/he laughs in h/ sleep
biningwaamo vai [BL] s/he falls out of bed in h/ sleep
boogidingwaamo vai [BL] s/he farts in h/ sleep
daningwaamo vai [BL] s/he sleeps in a certain place
danwewengwaamo vai [NI] s/he is heard sleeping in a certain place, snoring in a certain place
gaagiigidongwaamo vai [BL] s/he talks in h/ sleep
giizhoongwaamo vai [BL] s/he is warm while sleeping
madwengwaamo vai [BL] s/he snores, makes noise in h/ sleep
mawingwaamo vai [BL] s/he cries in h/ sleep
ombiigwewengwaamo vai [BL] s/he snores really loud
ondamingwaamo vai [BL] s/he is fast asleep
onzaamingwaamo vai [BL] s/he ovesleeps
zhigingwaamo vai [NI] s/he wets the bed