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/-ndibe-/ medial

(top of) head
Contains medial -ndib- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
bagaskindibe' vta club h/ on the head
basindibeganaam vta slap h/ on the top of h/ head
basindibe' vta slap h/ on the top of h/ head
baasindibeganaam vta crack h/ head (by hitting)
baasindibenaw vta bust h/ skull or head by shooting
baasindibeshin vai s/he falls and cracks h/ head; s/he fractures h/ skull
baasindibeshkoozo vta h/ head is cracked (by weight, pressure, or shooting)
baashkaakondibe' vta club h/ on the head
bitaakondibeshin vai s/he bumps h/ head
giziibiigindiben vta wash h/ hair
giikajindibewaji vai h/ head is cold
giishkindibeshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ head, cuts h/ head on something
waasindibezo vai he has a shiny bald head
wiisagindibeshin vai s/he hurts h/ head falling or hitting against something