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/naang-/ initial

light (in weight)
naangan vii it is light (in weight)
naangendan vti think it light (in weight)
naangenim vta think h/ light in weight
naangidaabii vai s/he pulls a light load on h/ sled, can pull h/ sled easily
naangide'e vai s/he is carefree
naanginigozi vai s/he or it (animate) is light (in weight)
naanginigwad vii it is light (in weight}
naangitoon vti2 make it light (in weight)
naangiwane vai s/he carries a light pack
naangizi vai s/he is light (in weight)
naangiigad vii it (sheet-like) is light (in weight)
naangiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is light (in weight)