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/-naagwad/ final

it is seen, appears
agaasinaagwad vii it looks small, seems small
angonaagwad vii it vanishes, fades from view
apiisinaagwad vii it is visible at a certain distance
aanjinaagwad vii it changes appearance
aanzinaagwad vii it looks changed
bagakinaagwad vii
  1. it is seen clearly, appears obvious
  2. it looks bright, looks clear
bakaaninaagozi vai s/he looks different
bakaaninaagwad vii it looks different
beshonaagwad vii it appears to be close
biigizawinaagwad vii it can't be seen well, is blurry
biininaagwad vii it looks clean
debaabaminaagwad vii it is in sight, is visible at a distance
debinaagwad vii it is visible at a distance, comes into view
gagiibaazinaagwad vii it looks foolish, appears foolish
gagwaanisaginaagozi vai s/he looks terrible
getenaagwad vii it looks old, appears old
gidimaaginaagwad vii it looks poor
izhinaagwad vii it has a certain look or appearance
jiikinaagwad vii it looks real good
majinaagwad vii it looks bad, looks poor, looks inadequate
makadewinaagwad vii it looks dark or black, appears dark or black
manginaagwad vii it looks big
mayaginaagwad vii it looks strange, looks foreign
maaninaagwad vii it looks bad, looks ugly
minonaagwad vii it looks good, looks nice
miskonaagwad vii it looks red, appears red
mookinaagwad vii it appears out of something, is seen emerging from something
na'inaagwad vii it is easily spotted
naawinaagwad vii it is barely visible, is visible in the distance
niinaminaagwad vii it looks weak
oginiiwinaagwad vii it looks pink, appears pink
ozhaawashkonaagwad vii it looks blue, appears blue; it looks green, appears green
ozaawinaagwad vii it looks yellow, appears yellow; it looks brown, appears brown
wawiyazhinaagwad vii it looks cute, looks funny (comical)
waakaminaagwad vii it looks clear
waasenaagwad vii it looks light, looks clear
waasenaagwad vii it is daybreak
wenipaninaagwad vii it looks easy
wiininaagwad vii it looks dirty
zanaginaagwad vii it looks hard (to make), looks difficult
zhaabonaagwad vii it can be seen through
zeginaagwad vii it looks scary, looks frightening
zoonginaagwad vii it looks strong, appears strong