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/naab-/ initial

return, replace, fit
naabagomo vai s/he goes back in place on the water, puts h/ boat back
naabakiin vta transplant h/
naabakiinan vti transplant it
naabaakosidoon vti2 fix it on stick; put a handle on it
naabaakwa' vta pick h/ up with a stick; hold h/ with a stick
naabi- pv lex replace, copy
naabibii'an vti copy it by writing or drawing
naabigwa'oodoon vti2 lasso it
naabigwa'oozh vta lasso h/ around the neck with a snare pole
naabigwe' vta snare h/ around the neck with a pole and noose
naabigwe'oozh vta snare h/ around the neck with a pole and noose
naabise vii it falls back into place
naabisidoon vti2 replace it, put it back (in the same place), mount it
naabishebizo vai s/he wears an earring or earrings
naabishim vta replace h/, put h/ back (in the same place)
naabishkaw vta take h/ place; substitute for h/; cover for h/ (by taking h/ place)
naabizhan vti cut a pattern of it