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/mook-/ initial

emerge, appear
mookadaawangii vai s/he or it (animate) emerges from the sand, comes out of the sand
mooka' vta dig h/ up, expose h/ (using something)
mooka'am vai2 s/he (the sun) rises = it is sunrise
mooka'an vti dig it up, expose it (using something)
mookamanji'o vai s/he feels an illness coming on
mookamanjitoon vti2 feel the effects of it (an illness or something consumed)
mookaabaawe vai s/he comes out, emerges in the rain or flood
mookaagonaso vai s/he emerges from melting snow
mookaagonate vii it emerges from melting snow
mookibidoon vti2 pull it out from somewhere, pull it to the surface
mookibizh vta pull h/ or it (animate) out from somewhere, pull h/ or it (animate) to the surface
mookibii vai s/he emerges from the water
mookibii vii it emerges from the water
mookibiibidoon vti2 pull it up to surface of the water
mookibiibizh vta pull h/ up to the surface of the water
mookijiwan vii it flows out of the ground; it is a spring
mookii vai s/he emerges, surfaces, comes out of somewhere