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/-maam/ final

smell h/
andomaam vta sniff for h/; smell for h/
aakomaam vta find h/ stinks, smells acrid
bigishkanimaam vta find it (animate) smells rotten
biijimaam vta smell h/
gagwaanisagimaam vta find s/he or it (animate) smells terrible
gagwejimaam vta keep sniffing h/ or it (animate)
gojimaam vta sniff, take a smell of h/
izhimaam vta find s/he smells a certain way
jiikimaam vta find s/he smells pleasant
mayagimaam vta find s/he smells strange
maazhimaam vta find the smell of h/ bad
minomaam vta like the smell of h/
nagajimaam vta be used to the smell of h/
na'imaam vta be able to smell h/ well
nandomaam vta sniff for h/; smell for h/
naajimaam vta follow h/ smell
nisidomaam vta recognize, identify h/ (by smell)
wanaajimaam vta find h/ smells rotten
zaatemaam vta find h/ smells rancid, stale
zhigajimaam vta get tired of h/ smell