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/-maagozi/ final

s/he has a smell
abwemaagozi vai s/he smells sweaty
agwaagomaagozi vai s/he smells moldy, smells stale
bakaanimaagozi vai s/he smells different
baashkimaagozi vai s/he suddenly gives off a smell
bigishkanimaagozi vai s/he smells rotten
bishigwaajimaagozi vai s/he smells nasty
biijimaagozi vai s/he gives off a smell
biindigemaagozi vai s/he brings an odor inside with h/
biinimaagozi vai s/he smells clean
biinisimaagozi vai s/he smells bland
gagwaanisagimaagozi vai s/he smells terrible
gwayakomaagozi vai s/he smells right
izhimaagozi vai s/he smells a certain way
jiikimaagozi vai [BL] s/he smells pleasant
mashkawimaagozi vai s/he smells strong, stinks
mayagimaagozi vai s/he smells strange
maazhimaagozi vai s/he smells bad
minomaagozi vai s/he smells good, has a good smell
nisidawimaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) is recognized, recognizable by the smell
nisidomaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) is recognized, is recognizable by smell
niinamimaagwad vii it has a faint smell
wanaajimaagozi vai it (animate) smells spoiled
wiinimaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) smells dirty
wiinjiigimaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) smells filthy, smells shitty
wiisagimaagozi vai it (animate) smells bitter, smells spicy
wiishaagomaagozi vai s/he has body odor
wiishkobimaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) smells sweet
zhaagomaagozi vai it (animate) smells mild
zaatemaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) smells rancid, smells stale
zhiiwimaagozi vai
  1. s/he or it (animate) smells sour
  2. s/he or it (animate) smells sweet
ziiwiskimaagozi vai [BL] s/he or it (animate) smells sour