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/jiig-/ initial

jiigasin adv loc by a rock
jiigashkiig adv loc by the swamp, by the muskeg
jiigashkosiw adv loc by a meadow
jiigaabik adv loc by a rock
jiigaagonag adv loc by the snow
jiigaakwaang adv loc by, near the woods
jiigaatig adv loc by a tree; by a wall
jiigibiig adv loc along the shore; by or along the edge of water or an open area
jiigidaabaan adv loc by a vehicle, car, sled
jiigigamig adv loc by a house or lodge
jiigimisad adv loc by the stomach, near the stomach
jiigisag adv loc by, against, or on the wall or boards
jiigishkode adv loc by a fire
jiigishkwaand adv loc by the door
jiigitawag adv loc by the ear