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/jaag-/ initial

use up, exhaust, deplete
jaagadaawaage vai s/he sells out (of something)
jaagadaawaagen vai + o s/he sells out of (it)
jaaga'e vai s/he uses up all of the ammunition
jaaga'ookii vai s/he gives everything out, distributes everything
jaaga'oozh vta give all of h/ out, use all of h/ up in a distribution
jaagam vta eat up all of h/
jaagandan vti eat up all of it
jaagawinzo vai s/he picks all the berries, picks over an area of berries
jaagaabaji' vta use h/ up
jaagaabajitoon vti2 use it up
jaagaakide vii it burns
jaagaakiz vta burn h/
jaagaakizan vti burn it up
jaagaakizo vai s/he burns
jaagaawadoon vti2 haul all of them (inanimate)
jaagaawazh vta haul all of them (animate)
jaagiboode vii it is all sawed up, all ground up
jaagiboodoon vti2 saw it all up, grind it all up
jaagiboozh vta grind, mill, grate h/
jaagiboozo vai s/he is all sawed up, all ground up
jaagide vii it burns
jaagin vta use h/ up, deplete h/, spend all of h/
jaaginan vti use it up, deplete it
jaaginazh vta kill h/ off
jaagine vai s/he dies off
jaagise vii it runs out; it becomes exhausted
jaagise vai s/he runs out; s/he becomes exhausted
jaagisen vai + o s/he runs out of (it)
jaagiz vta burn h/
jaagizan vti burn it up
jaagizo vai s/he burns
jaagizhooniyaaweshin vai s/he uses up all of the money