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/-itaagwad/ final

it is heard
agazitaagwad vii it sounds embarrassing
agaasitaagwad vii it sounds like something small
bagakitaagwad vii it sounds clear, is heard clearly; it is understandable
bakaanitaagwad vii it sounds different
bishkotaagwad vii its sound fades away, gets fainter
biigizawitaagwad vii it sounds unclear, sounds fuzzy or noisy; it is hard to make out what it says or means
biimitaagwad vii it sounds off, sounds distorted
danitaagwad vii it is heard in a certain place; its sound comes from a certain place
debitaagozi vai s/he can be heard, is heard at a distance
debwetaagwad vii it is believable, is believed
gwayakotaagwad vii it sounds right
inigaataagwad vii it sounds pitiful
initaagwad vii it is heard, is understood a certain way
jiikitaagwad vii it sounds really good, is a pleasure to listen to
mayagitaagwad vii it sounds strange, sounds foreign
minotaagwad vii it sounds good
naawitaagwad vii it is heard faintly in the distance
nisidotaagwad vii it is understood
niinamitaagwad vii it sounds weak
wawiyazhitaagwad vii it sounds cute, sounds funny (comical)
zegitaagwad vii it sounds scary, sounds frightening
zhiingitaagozi vai h/ sound is disliked, is hated, is not welcome