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/-itaagozi/ final

s/he is heard
agazitaagozi vai s/he sounds embarrassing (what s/he says is embarrassing)
agaasitaagozi vai s/he sounds like someone small
babiizigitaagozi vai s/he sounds hoarse; h/ voice is not clear
bagakitaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds clear, is heard clearly; s/he is understandable
bakaanitaagozi vai s/he sounds different
bishkotaagozi vai h/ sound fades away, gets fainter
biigiskaazitaagozi vai
biigizawitaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds unclear, sounds fuzzy or noisy; it is hard to make out what s/he says or means
biimitaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds off, sounds distorted
danitaagozi vai s/he is heard in a certain place; h/ sound is heard coming from a certain place
debitaagwad vii it can be heard, is heard at a distance
debwetaagozi vai s/he is believable, is believed
gagiibaajitaagozi vai s/he sounds foolish
gagiibaazitaagozi vai s/he sounds foolish
gagiibaazitaagwad vii it sounds foolish
gagwaanisagitaagozi vai s/he sounds terrible; s/he sounds awesome
gagwaanisagitaagwad vii it sounds terrible
gwayakotaagozi vai s/he or it (animate) sounds right
inigaataagozi vai s/he sounds pitiful
initaagozi vai s/he is heard, is understood a certain way
jiikitaagozi vai s/he really sounds good, is a pleasure to listen to
mayagitaagozi vai s/he sounds strange, sounds foreign, has an accent
maanitaagozi vai s/he sounds bad, doesn't sound right
maanitaagwad vii it sounds bad, doesn't sound right
minawaanigotaagozi vai s/he sounds happy
minotaagozi vai s/he sounds good
naningitaagozi vai s/he sounds shaky, speaks with a trembling voice
naawitaagozi vai s/he is heard faintly in the distance
nisidotaagozi vai s/he is understood
niinamitaagozi vai s/he sounds weak
wawiyazhitaagozi vai s/he sounds cute, sounds funny (comical)
wiisagitaagozi vai s/he is shrill, screeches, squeals
zegitaagozi vai s/he sounds scary, sounds frightening
zhiingitaagwad vii its sound is disliked, is hated, is not welcome