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/-gwaaN/ final

sew, probe, use a sharp instrument on it (animate)
gwaan , gwaazh
agogwaazh vta sew h/ on
apigwaazh vta sew it (animate) on over something: applique it (animate), sew it (animate) on as a facing or lining
aaboojigwaazh vta sew h/ inside out
aanikoogwaazh vta sew h/ on to another piece
aanjigwaazh vta sew h/ over
baakaakogwaazh vta pry h/ up with a stick
biskigwaazh vta fold and sew, hem h/
gashkigwaazh vta sew h/
gibogwaazh vta sew h/ shut
giboogwaazh vta sew h/ shut
gijigwaazh vta remove h/ with something sharp
giizhigwaazh vta finish sewing h/
gwayakogwaazh vta sew h/ correctly
izhigwaazh vta sew h/ a certain way
mazinigwaazh vta embroider, bead h/
maajigwaazh vta start sewing h/
maawandoogwaazh vta sew h/ together
maazhigwaazh vta sew h/ poorly
minogwaazh vta sew h/ well
nanaa'igwaazh vta fix it (animate) with a stick or something sharp
naajigwaazh vta get h/ with a stick or stick-like tool, rake h/ over with a stick or stick-like tool
ojibogwaazh vta pucker h/
wanigwaazh vta make a mistake sewing h/