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/-gin/ final

it grows
agogin vii it grows attached to something
apiichigin vii it grows such certain extent, grows at a certain speed
bejigin vii it grows slowly
biimaskogin vii it grows twisted
boonigin vii it stops growing, quits growing
bwaawigin vii it is unable to grow
dazhigin vii it grows in a certain place
gibichigin vii it stops growing
ginibigin vii it grows fast
gizhiigin vii it grows fast
giizhigin vii it is full grown, is ripe
gwayakogin vii it grows straight
izhigin vii it grows a certain way
maajiigin vii it starts growing, grows up
minogin vii it grows well
miikogin vii it grows well
nitaawigin vii it grows, grows up
okoginoon vii they grow in a bunch
oshkigin vii it is new growth, is fresh, freshly-harvested
ozhigin vii it takes form growing
zaagigin vii it (a plant) sprouts, comes up, grows out (of the ground)