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/giizhoo-/ initial

giizhoobi vai s/he sits in a warm place, lives in a warm house
giizhoobiisaa vii it is warm rain
giizhoodaawangaa vii there is warm sand
giizhoogamizan vti warm it (something liquid)
giizhoogwepizo vai s/he wears something warm tied around h/ neck
giizhoo' vta dress h/ warmly
giizhoo'o vai s/he dresses warmly
giizhookamigaa vii it is warm ground
giizhoomanji'o vai s/he feels warm
giizhoonaamo vai s/he has warm breath
giizhoondibe vai h/ head is warm
giizhoongwaamo vai [BL] s/he is warm while sleeping
giizhooninjii vai s/he has a warm hand or warm hands
giizhoopizh vta wrap h/ up warm
giizhoopizo vai s/he is wrapped up warm
giizhoosagaa vii it is a warm floor
giizhooshim vta cover h/ up warmly
giizhooshin vai s/he lies in warmth
giizhooshkan vti warm it (with foot or body)
giizhooshkaw vta warm h/ (with foot or body)
giizhootawage'o vai s/he wears earmuffs
giizhoote vii it is warm inside
giizhootoon vti2 warm it
giizhooyaa vii it is warm
giizhooyaanimad vii it is a warm wind
giizhoozi vai s/he is warm [person]
giizhoozide vai s/he has warm feet