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/-dizo/ final

agazondizo vai s/he embarasses h/ self in speech
anaamindizo vai s/he blames, accuses h/ self
apiitenindizo vai s/he thinks of h/ self to a certain extent
ashandizo vai s/he feeds h/ self (with it)
bakandizo vai s/he chews h/self free of a harness or leash
bamenindizo vai s/he takes care of h/ self, is self-reliant
dazhindizo vai s/he talks about h/ self
dibenindizo vai s/he is independent, is h/ own master
gagwejindizo vai s/he asks h/ self something
ganawaabandizo vai s/he looks at h/ self
ganawenindizo vai s/he takes care of h/ self, is self-reliant
gikenindizo vai s/he knows h/ self
jiikindizo vai s/he makes h/self excited or happy (by speech), is excited by what h/ is saying
mamizhindizo vai s/he informs on, tells on, tattles on h/ self
maamakaadenindizo vai s/he is amazed at, astonished at h/ self
naanaagadawaabandizo vai s/he looks h/ self over
wayezhindizo vai s/he deceives, cheats h/ self (by speech)
waabandizo vai s/he sees h/ self
zhawenindizo vai s/he is kind to h/ self