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/dagw-/ initial

include, be among others
dagobiiga'an vti wash it with something else
dagobii'an vti include it in writing or drawing
dagode vii it is cooked with something else
dagogaabawi vai s/he stands with others
dagon vta add h/ in, mix h/ in
dagonan vti add it in, mix it in
dagosidoon vti2 put it with something else
dagoz vta cook h/ with something else
dagozan vti cook it with something else
dagozo vai it (animate) is cooked with something else
dagwabi vai s/he sits with others
dagwagim vta count h/ in, include h/
dagwagindan vti count it in, include it
dagwaginde vii it is included, is counted in
dagwaginzo vai s/he is included, is a member, is counted in
dagwam vta eat h/ or it (animate) with something
dagwandan vti eat it with something
dagwapide vii it is tied with something else
dagwapidoon vti2 tie it with something else
dagwapizh vta tie h/ with something else
dagwapizo vai s/he is tied with something else
dagwaagaminan vti add it to a drink
dagwaajiwanz vti add h/ to something boiling (such as your soup)
dagwaajiwanzan vti add it to something boiling (such as your soup)
dagwenim vta include h/ in your thinking
dagwii vai s/he is among others, joins in, is a member, belongs to a group