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/-daamikan-/ medial

chin, jaw
body part
bajiishkidaamikane vai s/he has a pointed chin
baagidaamikane vai s/he has a swollen jaw or chin
biinisidaamikane vai s/he has a numb chin or jaw
dewidaamikane vai h/ jaw aches, chin aches
gaagiijidaamikane vai s/he has a sore jaw or chin
ginwaakodaamikane vai s/he has a long protruding chin
gizhiibidaamikan vai [S] h/ chin itches
gizhiibidaamikane vai [N] h/ chin itches
izhidaamikane vai s/he has such a chin or jaw
mangidaamikane vai s/he has a big chin or jaw
miskwiiwidaamikane vai s/he has a bloody jaw or chin
miishidaamikan vai [S] he has a beard
miishidaamikane vai [N] he has a beard
nabagidaamikane vai s/he has a flat chin
ojiishidaamikane vai s/he has a scar on h/ jaw, has a scar on h/ chin
omigidaamikane vai s/he has a sore or sores, a scab or scabs on h/ jaw or chin
wiinidaamikane vai s/he has a dirty chin or jaw