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/-daabaaN/ final

drag, haul h/
daabaan , daabaazh
agwaadaabaazh vta drag h/ ashore
akwaandawedaabaazh vta climb up pulling or dragging h/ or it (animate)
azhedaabaazh vta drag h/ back
aawajidaabaazh vta haul h/ on a sled or wagon
aazhawidaabaazh vta drag h/ across
babaamidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ about
bagamidaabaazh vta arrive dragging h/
bakobiidaabaazh vta drag h/ into the water
bimidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ along
biijidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ here
boozidaabaazh vta drag h/, it (animate) aboard
bwaawidaabaazh vta have trouble dragging or pulling h/; be unable to drag or pull h/
gakiiwedaabaazh vta drag h/ or it (animate) across the portage
giiwedaabaazh vta drag h/ home
izhidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ to a certain place
onjidaabaazh vta drag, pull h/ from a certain place
zaagijidaabaazh vta drag h/ out