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/biiw-/ initial

scatter in pieces, disperse
biiwam vta eat h/ leaving crumbs
biiwan vii it is a blizzard
biiwandan vti eat it leaving crumbs
biiwaandagaasin vii the boughs are scattered by the wind
biiwaashi vai s/he is scattered by wind
biiwaawangisin vii it (something fine) is scattered, is dispersed
biiwaawangishin vai it (something fine) is scattered, is dispersed
biiwaawangiwebin vta scatter h/ (somethine fine)
biiwaawangiwebinan vti scatter it (something fine)
biiwibagaasin vii leaves are scattered by the wind
biiwiboodoon vti2 saw or grind it into small particles
biiwiga'an vti chop it into chips
biiwipon vii fine snow falls; there are snow flurries
biiwise vii it scatters, disperses
biiwise vai s/he scatters, disperses
biiwisidoon vti2 scatter, disperse it
biiwishim vta scatter, disperse h/
biiwishin vai s/he is scattered, dispersed
biiwiwebin vta scatter, disperse h/
biiwiwebinan vti scatter, disperse it
biiwizhan vti cut it into scraps