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/biis-/ initial

fine, in small particles, break into pieces
biisada' vta chop h/ into small pieces
biisada'an vti chop it into small pieces
biisadaawangad vii [BR] it (sand-like) is fine
biisadaawangizi vai s/he (sand-like) is fine
biisadikwanezi s/he (a tree) has small branches
biisa' vta chop h/ fine, mince h/
biisa'an vti chop it fine, mince it
biisam vta chew h/ into small pieces
biisandan vti chew it into small pieces
biisaa vii it is fine; it is in particles
biisaandagizi vai s/he (tree) has fine needles
biisaanikwe vai s/he has fine hair
biisaawangi- pv lex in small particles, sand-like, powdered
biisi- pv lex fine, in small particles
biisibidoon vti2 break it into small pieces with hands; crumble it
biisibizh vta crumble h/; break h/ into small pieces with hands
biisibiisaa vii there is light rain, drizzle; it is drizzling
biisibiisaan vii [BL] there is light rain, drizzle; it is drizzling
biisiboode vii it is ground, milled, grated; it is sawn into small pieces
biisiboodoon vti2 grind, mill, grate it; saw it into small pieces
biisiboozh vta grind, mill, grate h/; saw h/ into small pieces
biisiboozo vai s/he is ground, milled, grated; s/he is sawn into small pieces
biisiga' vta chop h/ into kindling
biisiga'an vti chop it into kindling
biisigwaashkwani vai s/he takes a little jump
biisikodan vti cut, carve it to fine pieces
biisikozh vta cut, carve h/ into fine pieces
biisiminagad vii it (something round) ) is fine, is tiny
biisipon vii there is fine snow falling, powder snow falling
biisizh vta cut h/ into small pieces, dice h/
biisizhan vti cut it into small pieces, dice it
biisizi vai s/he is fine; s/he is in particles
biiswewebiisaan vii there is the sound of light rain, of drizzle