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/biigw-/ initial

broken, damaged, torn in pieces
biigobidoon vti2 rip, tear it up
biigobizh vta rip, tear h/ up
biigoboode vii it breaks by abrasion
biigoboodoon vti2 break it by abrasion (sawing, filing, grinding)
biigoboozh vta break h/ by abrasion (sawing, filing, grinding)
biigoboozo vai s/he breaks by abrasion
biigodaabaane vai s/he has a broken-down car
biigode vii it breaks by heat
biigoganaam vta damage, ruin, break h/ by hitting
biigoganaandan vti damage, ruin, break it by hitting
biigojiise vii it ruptures; it tears open
biigojiishkaa vai s/he bursts open
biigojiishkaa vii it bursts open
biigon vta break h/ (by hand); dismantle h/
biigonan vti break it (by hand); dismantle it, tear it down
biigose vii it goes to pieces, breaks down
biigose vai it (animate) goes to pieces, breaks down
biigosidoon vti2 break it (by dropping); smash it
biigosin vii it breaks (on impact)
biigoshim vta break h/ (by dropping); smash h/
biigoshin vai s/he breaks (on impact)
biigoshkaw vta break, damage h/ with body or feet
biigoshkaa vii it breaks, is broken
biigoshkaa vai
  1. s/he breaks, is broken
  2. s/he is broke (out of money)
biigozh vta cut up h/ with blade
biigozhan vti cut up it with blade
biigozo vai s/he breaks by heat
biigwa' vta break h/ (using something)
biigwa'an vti break, destroy it (using something); tear it down (using something)
biigwakamigibidoon vti2 break it up (as ground); plow it
biigwam vta chew h/ up; ruin, damage h/ (by chewing)
biigwandan vti chew it up; ruin, damage it (by chewing)
biigwaabaawadoon vti2 ruin it in the water
biigwaabaawazh vta ruin h/ in the water
biigwaabaawe vai s/he gets ruined in the water
biigwaabaawe vii it gets ruined in the water
biigwaakide vii it breaks, is damaged in the fire
biigwaasin vii it is blown apart (by the wind)
biigwaashi vai s/he is blown apart (by the wind)