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/-bii'/ final

act on it by writing, drawing
anishinaabewibii'an vti write it in Indian, write it in Ojibwe
apibii'an vti write on it
asigibii'an vti add it up
aanjibii'an vti write it over, rewrite it
beshibii'an vti mark it with a line or stripe
dadaatabibii'an vti write it quickly
dagobii'an vti include it in writing or drawing
gaasiibii'an vti erase it
gidagibii'an vti draw dots or spots on it
gikinawaajibii'an vti mark it; trace it
giimoojibii'an vti write it secretly
gwayakobii'an vti write it correctly
izhibii'an vti write it a certain way
makadewibii'an vti paint it black
mangibii'an vti write it big, draw it big
mazinibii'an vti draw it
maazhibii'an vti write it badly
minobii'an vti write it well
miskobii'an vti color it red; paint it red
miziwebii'an vti write all over it
mooshkinebii'an vti fill it out with writing
naabibii'an vti copy it by writing or drawing
naasaabibii'an vti copy it in writing
nitaawibii'an vti know how to write it
ojibwewibii'an vti write it in Ojibwe
ozhaawashkobii'an vti color, paint it blue or green
ozaawibii'an vti paint or color it yellow; paint it or color it brown
ozhibii'an vti write it; write it down, jot it down; sign it
wanibii'an vti make a mistake writing it
waabishkibii'an vti paint it white
waawiyebii'an vti draw it as a circle
zhaaganaashiiwibii'an vti write it in English
zhizhoobii'an vti paint it